Debbie and Randy worked in the sheep shearing industry for more than 20 years,
working and competing as well as operating a contract shearing company, which
allowed them to work for some of the most influential sheep owners in the western
states. These competitions gave them the opportunity to travel to Great Britain and New
Zealand. As their kids got older and they could not travel as much Randy started looking
for something to keep them in Myrtle Point.

Myrtle Point Tire came up for sale and it looked like something that would fit the bill.
Working with people, providing a service, and staying in a good community for the kids
to grow up in was just what they were looking for.

While their kids were in school, they volunteered to help with their sports and FFA
activities as well as helping out at the Coos County Fair. Debbie volunteers even now,
years after their kids graduated, with the kids of 4H and FFA as the secretary of the
Coos Youth Auction and by default Randy is volunteered as well.

They still try to remain involved in the community, Stop in and visit Randy and Debbie
and find out what they can do for your favorite school or youth project. Together with
you, these programs can be funded in a meaningful way.